Personalities of Sturgis

When walking the streets of Sturgis, you’re sure to run into some funky styles. Everyone seems to be marching… or riding to the beat of their own drum. When it comes to rally fashion, anything and everything goes. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is peak people watching territory. What’s your Sturgis personality?

Leathers and Lace – You’ve got the week off and you’re miles away from your legit office job and everyone you know. It’s time to loosen that tight ballerina bun on top of your head and let your hair down! You’ve packed a suitcase full of leather, tank tops, bandanas and you’re ready to ride. Corporate attorney by day, biker babe by night.  

Chaps and… - Let’s just say, if you are going to wear chaps, make sure you are wearing something under your chaps. That is all.

Security! – You’re in charge. Know how people can tell? It says security on your shirt. No one can read it though, because your arms are folded across your chest. But with your steely stare and zero tolerance level for obnoxious behavior, people can tell you’re not here for fun. This is your job. You’re motto? “You can’t park there!” I mean, “Safety first and always!”

Bikini Beach – You and 18 of your best friends are in town to make a little cash to raise money for your sorority’s favorite charity and to have a little fun while you’re at it. You’re in a land locked state, but luckily, most Sturgis employers, and visitors alike, don’t mind if you dress for the 90 degree weather. Bikini bike wash anyone?

Trailer Rider – Why would you risk breaking down on the side of the road? Or scratching up that new paint job? You keep your baby safe and sound in the safety of its own little trailer. It’s like a house for motorcycles. Plus, there are windows. It can look out the window… besides what bike wants to stare at the endless prairie? You’ll ride when you get to the “good,” scenery. Plus the trailer doubles as a storage unit. Camp out in it? No way. You’ve got reservations and a pillow top bed waiting for you.

King of the Road – You’d rather put your finger on your bike chain and rev the engine before you’d even consider putting your bike on a trailer. Cross country from New York to Sturgis? No sweat. You camp on the way, hotels are for posers. All you need is your helmet, leathers, a full tank of gas and the open road. 

Spectator- You’ve got your khaki’s and polo on and your tourist pouch strapped across your chest under said polo. Why would you wear leather boots when you can wear socks with sandals? Your camera is at the ready and you can’t believe a 70 year old woman just walked past you in chaps and blew you a kiss. Are you dreaming? Nope, you’re in Sturgis.

Sturgis Veteran – You’ve got the patches, the stonewashed jeans, the boots, a few silver hairs and you know exactly where to go for the best eats and shortest lines. You’ve rented the same house from the same people for the last 15 years, you know what’s up. Even though you’ve got a row of patches from each year you’ve attended, people know you’re the real deal because your T-shirt has the official Sturgis logo and an original design concept. “Where do you get one of those?” they ask. “Tom’s T’s, obviously.” Sheesh, rookies…

No matter if you’re a first timer or an old timer, in need of a little more clothing or just looking to add to your collection, Tom’s T’s offers the official apparel of the Sturgis motorcycle rally.

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