Get your motor running

Its spring, what better way to kick off the weekend than with a ride through the Black Hills?  But before you hit the open road, take a little time to make sure your motorcycle and gear are as ready to ride as you are. Follow these tips to make sure your spring riding season gets off to a fresh start.


#1. Get Pumped Up- …to check your tires, that is.  If your motorcycle has been sitting in the garage, waiting patiently for the snow to disappear, chances are the tire pressure has done a little fading away of its own. Grab your owner’s manual and tire pressure gauge to ensure you have the proper tire pressure. Make sure the tread in your tire is good by measuring it against the tire’s warning lines. Also, cold and wet weather can affect tires, double check for any cracks or rot if you’re still riding on last year’s rubber.


#2. Embrace Change- Oil is the life blood of your motorcycle. But after months in a cold garage, temperature changes can create condensation in your motorcycle’s engine. Keep it running smoothly by making sure old oil and filters have been replaced by fresh, clean oil and a new filter. If you are unsure on how to do an oil change, here’s a quick overview on how to do it yourself. Otherwise find your nearest garage or motorcycle retailer for a professional oil change.


#3. Spark It Up – Replacing old sparkplugs with new ones ensures your motorcycle will start effortlessly at the beginning of every ride. At only a few dollars a plug, sparkplugs are not only easy to replace, but one of the most cost effective ways to keep your motorcycle running smoothly. These small pieces play a big part in the operation of your motorcycle. A quick visual inspection of the ground electrode and the texture of the threading can tell you a lot about the shape your spark plug is in.


#4. Hydrate – It’s important for you to keep hydrated on those long rides, but your motorcycle needs fluids too! Start anew by flushing out and replacing radiator and brake fluid. It’s easy to take these things for granted, but you certainly don’t want to find yourself running on empty. Consult your owner’s manual for tips on how to change each for your particular motorcycle model.  Coolant also needs to be changed regularly. A good rule of thumb is every year or 6,000 miles. 


#5 Check Your Gear – Double check your helmet, gloves, visor, and other protective gear to make sure it’s up for one more season. Maybe you took a tumble last year that you forgot about and your visor is all scrapped up. Make sure to get that replaced so you can see clearly. Also make sure riding boots, protective leathers and jackets still fit properly and are not ripped or worn thin. Remember, you want the rubber to meet the road, not your skin.


#6. Show Your Style – Now that you’re ready to ride, add a few finishing touches to your look with a patch, hat or sticker from Tom’s T’s. Done your favorite official Sturgis Rally Shirt when you grab a snack at your favorite post ride hang out.


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